Introductory Questions

1. Hi, my name is Zhishu Yang. I am a junior studying in communication design with a second major in psychology.

2. I'm from China, and I have strong interests in psychology and novels. I take this class because I want to explore the field that I have never touched before. Moreover, this class is connected with design, and I believe this class can open a new door for my design path.

3. I have no experience in computer science, but I am excited to learn it.

4. I hope I can design my own personal website with beautiful designs in it so that I can put my portfolio in.

5. I need to adjust my designs according to different sizes of screens. Also, I believe designing on screen can give more choices and chances to intereact with the audience.

6. I think Visit! exemplifies effective design because these moving images really catch people's eyes, and readers can make their own choices when viewing the website.

7. I think Visit! exemplifies effective communication because it contains clear figures with vivid colors so that I can easily get the information. Moreover, I can see other people's judges and share my ideas here.

8. I think Visit! exemplifies both of characters because it has an interesting and intereacting animation first, which conveys meanings and draws my attentions. Then, it has clear categories that mark different information.